Estate Planning

Developing a timely prepared and comprehensive estate plan is one of the most important tasks an individual or family can undertake to assure themselves and their families that a financial legacy earned will be protected and passed efficiently to future generations. A plan should encompass both the realities of unexpected incapacity and death.

Quality estate plans are built with experience and careful consideration given to asset structure, valuation, and beneficiary needs. In some cases, Federal Estate Taxes and Generation Skipping Transfer Taxes can add an additional layer of complexity to the planning process. Second marriages, real estate, business interests, and the onset of long-term illness can add to the intricacy of the planning process. Based on our thoughtful discussions, tools like revocable (living) trusts, wills, and specific types of irrevocable trusts are designed by us to coincide with your assets and the future needs and capabilities of beneficiaries. Every type of will and trust has advantages and shortcomings. We will take the time to hear your concerns and share our views on these important issues as they relate to your specific situation.

Planning for incapacity is equally important. Tools like durable powers of attorney, living wills, and health care surrogate designations, among others, address some of the most important planning matters facing most individuals. Having the appropriately prepared tools in place in a timely manner can avoid many potential problems (including costly court-supervised guardianships) if sudden and severe illness creates circumstances where an individual can no longer care for their physical and financial well-being.

Our three decades plus of experience as estate planners in Florida and your knowledge of your desires and family needs will allow us to work cooperatively to create an estate and incapacity plan that is tailored to your specific situation. Experience has shown us over the years that a sense of peace about the future can be found when a comprehensive plan is in place. The work can be completed expediently and at a fair and expected price. We endeavor to accomplish the tasks given us with attention to these important principles.

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